Big Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Know You!

Dagwood’s Vac Services is a locally family-owned business. We have 2 tandem large capacity, septic and wastewater vacuum trucks to provide prompt, professional service and are excited to say the 3rd truck is almost ready to start work. Owners Daryl and son Dylan, along with our employee Dave, operate the trucks. Daryl is also a mechanic and keeps our trucks in top condition always ready for the job at hand.  Dylan is a Journeyman welder and does all our fabrication and welding needs for all our trucks.

We pride ourselves in being very knowledgeable about septic systems and handle them with great care. We always do a thorough job of cleaning both sides of the septic tank. If a garden hose is left out at the job site, we will use it to wash down the water side of the tank and pump.

We also have the opportunity to supply your potable water needs. We own and operate Evjen Water Hauling and have 2 trucks to service our customers. We provide potable water to both residential as well as commercial. Sandi, Daryl’s wife, is the dispatcher for the potable water, and can be reached at 780-499-8318.